Meet Zeth

I began fishing at a very early age. My furthest back memory must be from round the age of 3 or 4 when my father would take me to the trout stream down the raod and we would catch trout on marshmallows. Well he did the catching and then always had an excuse to hand me his rod and let me think it was me doing the catching. This lead to a life long passion for fishing. 

I grew up in the midwest but am from WA.  Around the age of 10 I met a friend whom was also very into fishing.  We would fish nearly every day for anything we could catch. One day the bass fishing bug caught me and I never looked back. I started fishing as a co-angler in 2000 at about the age of 17. I immediately qualified for the All AMerican.  Unfortunately I was unable to compete as I grew up in an extremely abusive household  and always had to make my own way. My now passed step-father had broken all of my rods and threw away all of my tackle. Nearly $10,000 in equipment I had worked multiple jobs for while in shcool to be able to afford. This was devastating but I pushed on and kept fishing but no longer continued tourmanents despite the burning desire within me. Fishing life faded soon after when I turned 18, my parents divorced and I had to try to make a way for myself in life.

Later on in life I met my  wife and we travelled to India for 6 months. The time away gave me a chance to reflect on what was really important in my life and seemed to re-awaken this passion and dream of mine that had been lying hidden away and dormant for so many years.

Now my goals revolve around supporting my wife on her journey through medical school and trying to find a way to fish. Fish in tournaments that is. 2015 saw me competing as a co-angler in the CTT and now in 2018 I will fish just one FLW and one WWBT. My goals are to save enough money to compete as a boater by 2020.

I am the business owner of Agricultural Ecosystem Design, a premier permaculture based regenerative landscape design company. where I get to also express my passion for plants and saving the environment as best I can by integrating regenerative landscaping techniques into our work such as capturing and harvesting rainwater, building food forests and restoring ecosystems. 



• All American Qualifier
• Building relationships with companies & sponsors as a part time co-angler.
• Multiple published product & technique articles online